Apollo AV-2 Evolution Scooter - Li Ion Battery

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Apollo AV-2 Evolution Scooter - Li Ion Battery

Go deeper and faster, with amazing progressive speed control and battery life indicator. The Apollo AV-2 Evolution Scooter will not only eliminate tiring long surface swims after your dives but it will also provide you and your buddies with more fun and excitement to your diving whilst also allowing you to cover much more terrain underwater. Another huge benefit is that using a DPV will also greatly improve your air consumption, so you can also dive much longer.


The Apollo AV-2 Evolution Scooter also includes the new Voltage Detection System (VDS). The VDS system is designed to minimise potential damage done to your battery due to over discharge. Under normal operation you discontinue scooter use when the battery reaches 20 Volts or when the battery indicator turns red. When the battery reaches 20 Volts, the propeller and the motor also start to slow. If you continue use of the Scooter after the battery reaches 20 Volts the Scooter electronics will sense the battery voltage drop and the VDS will automatically shut off power to the motor. Batteries can sometimes recover a little after a while and use of the scooter maybe be possible again for a short time however when the battery voltage reaches 20V the power to the motor will automatically shut off again. The new VDS ensures that your batteries are not over discharged with over use and therefore prolongs the life of your scooter battery.


The Apollo AV-2 Evolution DPV scooter comes with the Riding Saddle so you can operate the DPV hands-free and coast by your dive buddies as you twist and turn like a dolphin. It will allow you to literally dive circles around them as well as travel at top speed. The hands free riding saddle helps you move like you were born to dive whilst the steering is achieved through the divers body positioning. Combined with this is a handy built in arm which extends the trigger switch access forward for a more convenient placement. This will ensure that both hands are free to extend like an airplane or maybe just to hold cameras, lights, and other accessories essential to your dive making it more than just a fun ride. There are many practical reasons for using an underwater vehicle with a hands-free saddle too as it can reduce your air consumption by up to 50% by placing you and the DPVin a more streamlined position.

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Being dragged long distances creates excessive muscular fatigue in the arms. Furthermore, riding behind a scooter creates resistance and reduces the efficiency of the propeller blades. Riding horizontally in front of the scooter streamlines the body and scooter, reducing drag and dramatically improving both speed and distance traveled on a single battery charge. In addition, both hands are free for carrying lights, cameras or other underwater equipment.

The included SaddleWing looks like this:

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By using the Wings it's now possible to also pull 2 more divers with the Apollo AV-2 Evolution DPV. The diver's different physiques when holding onto the wings have virtually no effect on the scooters performance and the speed and the distance with 3 men diving are almost the same as using the scooter solo without a saddle. The AV-2 Evolutions DPV also has a 3 Speed adjustment - Propeller pitch assembly

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Additionally, it is possible to easily vary the propellers angle or pitch, which allows for even more fine-tuning of the scooters speed to the individual divers needs.

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    • Control or Battery Life indicator
    • Li Ion Battery 25.2V-27Ah
    • Batteries are interchangeable but require different chargers
    • Shock-resistant ABS resin body & DC Brushless motor
    • Three speed variable pitch propeller
    • Progresive acceleration system
    • Standard acceleration system on/off
    • Thermal switch protection automatically switches off if overheating occurs
    • Approx 21.5kg on the surface / -1.3kg buoyancy underwater
    • Dimensions: 720 x 340mm
    • Rated to 90 meters
    • Includes hand free saddle and multi-rider wings
    • Includes battery and charger
    • Speed: 0 - 4 km/hour
    • Up to 120 minutes continuous operation in hands free riding position
    • Average Cruising Range: 7200 - 8000m

    Apollo Australia Warranty

    Apollo Scuba is proudly distributed in Australia by Apollo Australia Pty Ltd. Any Apollo Scuba products that are purchased from an authorised Australian dealer are covered by warranty as follows:

    • Limited lifetime warranty on Apollo Regulators.
    • 24 Months warranty on Instrumentation and Buoyancy Compensators.
    • 12 Months warranty on general products.


    All Scooter Batteries have a 6 month warranty only from date of purchase as user mistreatment can severely shorten battery life. 


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