Apollo Comfo Weight Belt w Plastic D-Rings

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Apollo Comfo Weight Belt w Plastic D-Rings

The Apollo Weight Belt has been designed with total comfort and convenience in mind. On the inside of the belt there is a rubber grip strip to prevent twisting and accidental slipping from the hips of the diver. Additional weights can be easily added or removed via the convenient, individual Velcro weight pouches. Thanks to the extra strong fabric used in the construction process, this design ensures that the material of the belt is heavy duty and long lasting.


The Apollo Comfo Weight Belt includes a stainless steel buckle and 2 x plastic D-rings for attaching your dive accessories. The primary colour of the belt is Black only and there are size indicative, colour coded embroidery for easier identification in the field or for hire gear management. The Apollo Comfo Belt is available in four different sizes which have increased numbers of pockets as the sizes go up.


  • Total comfort and convenience
  • Rubber waist grip strip prevents twisting or slipping
  • Quick and easy to add or remove weights in the field
  • Saves damage to boat decks
  • Includes stainless steel buckle and 2 x plastic D-rings
  • Black only with size indicative colour coded embroidery for easy identification or hire gear management
  • Extra strong fabric construction for long life
  • Available in 4 sizes: Red embroidery - 4 pockets / Yellow embroidery - 5 pockets / Blue embroidery - 6 pockets / White embroidery - 7 pockets

Apollo Australia Warranty

Apollo Scuba is proudly distributed in Australia by Apollo Australia Pty Ltd. Any Apollo Scuba products that are purchased from an authorised Australian dealer are covered by warranty as follows:

  • Limited lifetime warranty on Apollo Regulators.
  • 24 Months warranty on Instrumentation and Buoyancy Compensators.
  • 12 Months warranty on general products.


All Scooter Batteries have a 6 month warranty only from date of purchase as user mistreatment can severely shorten battery life. 


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