Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium Tip Knife - Blunt

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Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium Tip Knife - Blunt

The Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium Blunt Tip Knife is a beautifully crafted and honed dive knife with a genuine Titanium blade. Showcasing the renowned Atomic aesthetic, the Ti6 Titanium Knife features a fully molded handle with individual finger grooves to ensure a comfortable and secure grip that feels extremely positive in the hand. The major advantage of manufacturing the knife in Titanium is that it will not rust... ever! Thanks to its durable Titanium design, this blade will guarantee many years of service and it also cuts back on your wash up time at the end of the day.


The Atomic Ti6 Knife features a solid Titanium blade runs the full length of the knife and through the full handle giving the knife maximum strength when used for digging or prying work. The blade is secured in place via the Titanium screw on end cap which can be easily removed to disassemble the knife for cleaning purposes should you desire. The Titanium end cap screw can also be used for pounding work or communicating to get your buddies attention by tapping it on your scuba tank. Also included at the back of the knife is a hole in the rubber handle grip to allow for divers to add an optional wrist lanyard should they wish to.


Featuring a fully serrated, heavy duty top edge designed for sawing and cutting through heavy ropes, the Atomic Ti6 Titanium dive knife is ready for any task at hand including line cutting monofilament or cave lines in emergency situations. One of the best features of this impressive knife is the sheath itself, which has been designed to sit snuggly onto the divers leg and minimises the potential for any messy entanglements. The sheath has been created with a beautiful aesthetic design that will provide many years of reliable service and features a dual locking mechanism with push button design. This item includes the Atomic Ti6 Titanium dive Knife, the Atomic Sheath and two quick adjust Leg Straps presented in an attractive packaging.


  • Tip: Blunt
  • Blunt tip design is ideal for use on abalone
  • Corrosion resistant full tang Titanium blade insures no rust - ever!
  • Elegantly curved 4 inch cutting edge makes short work of any situation
  • Lightweight locking sheath with push button release prevents accidental loss
  • Titanium end cap for underwater pounding, communicating work can be removed for full cleaning
  • Serrated top edge for effortless sawing and cutting work through ropes, monofilament and other items
  • Ergonomic sure grip molded rubber handle prevents slipping when cutting even when wearing thick neoprene gloves
  • Convenient mounting hole in the handle for attachment of an optional lanyard if so desired
  • Includes: Atomic Ti6 Titanium dive knife, Sheath and two quick adjust Leg Straps

Atomic Aquatics Australia Product Warranty

Atomic Aquatics is proudly distributed in Australia by Australia Underwater Products (AUP) who offers product warranty for all Atomic Aquatic product purchased in Australia from an Authorised Dealer. If you purchase your product outside of Australia, it will not be covered by warranty in Australia and a service charge will be levied if warranty or normal service is required. You can alternatively return it to the original point of purchase for service. 

Hardware Warranty Period

All Atomic, Oceanic, Zeagle and Hollis Hardware, comprising Regulators, Octopus Regulators (Octo's), Buoyancy Compensators (BC's), Wings, Personal Dive Computers(PDC’s) and Analogue Gauges, when purchased from an Authorised Australian Dealer, are provided with a 1 year Warranty. This 1 year warranty will cover against any defects in materials, workmanship and performance to product specifications. For specific product warranty details, please refer to what the Warranty actually covers below. Every Atomic Aquatics Regulator features the same high performance breathing characteristics, 2 year / 300 dive service interval and limited life time warranty.   

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All Atomic, Oceanic, Zeagle, Hollis, McNett, Rob Allen, Ocean Hunter and Ocean Pro Software and Warm Wear, comprising Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuits, Hoods, Vests, Boots, Gloves, Drysuits, Spear Guns and Accessories, when purchased from an Authorised Australian Dealer, under normal recreational use, is provided with a one (1) year Warranty to cover against defects in materials, workmanship and performance to product specifications. Obviously some common sense conditions apply.

Software and Warm Wear Warranty Conditions

1.Warranty coverage for the above mentioned products will only apply to products accompanied by proof of purchase from an Authorised Australian Dealer.

2.The product must only be used as intended for normal recreational purposes.

3.The product warranty does not cover loss, or damage due to accident, abuse, tampering, lack of maintenance, exposure to excessive temperature, extended sunlight or deteriorating chemicals.

4.This warranty shall be void if the equipment has been tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised by Australian Underwater Products to perform such service.

5.Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the 1 year Warranty.

6.To maintain this one year Warranty, you must show proof of purchase. If returned for service, your product should be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.

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