BARE Aqua-Trek 1 WOMENS Drysuit

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BARE Aqua-Trek 1 WOMENS Drysuit

Introducing the BARE Aqua-Trek 1 Drysuit. This newly designed drysuit is without a doubt the best fitting and most comfortable drysuit on the planet. The drysuit uses the BARE exclusively engineered Cordura Nylon Oxford 4 Layer fabric which gives the diver a level of freedom and comfort never before available on the market. This outstanding material is not only durable but it's also breathable which gives the diver incredible comfort and is particularly useful when long surface periods are required like traveling to and from your dive site on a boat. The BARE Aqua-Trek 1 Drysuit is designed to be lighter weight than traditional Trilaminate drysuits found in the market and gives the diver a supreme confidence to be ready, no matter where your next dive adventure takes you.


The BARE Aqua-Trek 1 is jam packed with a great range of convenient features that are ideal for the serious diver. The suit’s light weight material offers significantly improved flexibility over traditional materials which is thanks in part to the choice of material selected and developed by BARE. The suit boasts a customised Cordura Nylon Oxford 4 Layer fabric exclusive to BARE. This material has been characterised as being comparatively lightweight, breathable and flexible giving you the ultimate cold water diving experience. There is no other suit on the market that comes even close to the level of comfort experienced when diving in the BARE Aqua Trek-1 Drysuit.


Other key materials and design factors, aside from the primary material have also contributed significantly to the great design of this drysuit. The dry zipper has been constructed from a light weight plastic material. When combined with the BARE dry hood, the neck collar also offers supreme sealing abilities with a 2mm smooth skin nylon material and vented neck drain. BARE has also invested in durability for this drysuit. All of the seams are completed using a 2 needle “felled seam” construction, which provides a low profile design with a clean look that is resistant to damage from abrasion and pressure. This has been backed up with a flexible double taped reinforcement at critical points of seams for added durability. The knee panels of the suit feature the BARE M-PADz knee protection which adds a textured and thickened surface over the area of the knee to protect the suit from abrasion and gives added cushioning to the knees, as well as a 2mm neoprene backing to provide added padding for comfort.


The BARE Aqua-Trek 1 Drysuit comes complete with Tech 5mm Neoprene socks to fit into the BARE Trek Drysuit Boots as well as a drysuit backpack. The BARE Trek Dysuits Boots are sold separately. This is a suit that has been kitted out with all the essentials packed into a comfortable, flexible and lightweight design that’s hard to look past. The Drysuit includes: 4 point suspenders, 5mm Neoprene Tech Socks, Drysuit Backpack and is available in either Mens or Womens options. The Womens Drysuit is available in the following sizes: X-Small / Small / Medium / Large / X-Large. Please see the size chart above for help with sizing.


  • By far the most comfortable drysuit on the planet
  • Lighter weight breathable material that offers much enhanced flexibility over current Butyl Trilaminates
  • Lightweight low profile plastic dry zipper
  • 2mm Nylon smoothskin warm collar with vented neck drain provides an improved seal with the BARE dry hood
  • M-PADz Knee protection with 2mm neoprene backing providing added padding for comfort
  • 2 Needle "felled seam" construction increases seam integrity
  • Seams are low profile and less prone to abrasion with enhanced finishes for a clean look
  • Flexible double taped reinforcement at "critical wear" seam points for added durability
  • Premium graphics for enhanced styling
  • Telescoping torso with field replaceable crotch strap
  • 5mm Neoprene tech socks are included and allow for the addition of BARE Trek Boots (not included)
  • Includes: 4 Point suspenders, 5mm Neoprene Tech Socks, Drysuit Backpack
  • Material: Exclusively engineered and durable Cordura Nylon Oxford 4 Layer fabric
  • Fitting: Unisex design
  • The Womens Drysuit sizes are: X-Small / Small / Medium / Large / X-Large
  • Please see the size chart above for help with sizing
  • The Aqua-Trek 1 is also available in a full range of Mens sizing
  • BARE Trek Drysuit Boots are not included with this suit but can be purchased separately

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5.Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the 1 year Warranty.

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