F.A.Q. How Do I Tie The Constrictor Knot?

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F.A.Q. How Do I Tie The Constrictor Knot?

This is probably one of the most commonly asked spearfishing questions.


The Constrictor Knot is used throughout the spearfishing community to safely secure your bridle wishbones, be it metal or Dynnema wishbones, into your bulk speargun rubber. The Constrictor Knot is highly favoured because it's one of the most effective binding knots and if performed correctly, is highly reliable and effective.


It is a simple, easy to tie knot which is most importantly secure. One of the biggest advantages of the Constrictor Knot is that it's a harsh knot that can be very hard or impossible to untie once fully tightened. This makes the Constrictor Knot highly appropriate for situations where secure binding is needed such as tying wishbone bridles into bulk spearfishing rubbers.


The Constrictor Knot is tied similar to a Clove Hitch knot, but with one end passed under the other, forming an overhand knot under a riding turn. The method shown above in the picture is the most basic way to tie this particular knot.


We have had great success and highly recomend using the Rob Allen Tie Line & Bungee Line when completing tieing Constrictor Knots on your speargun rubbers.


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