F.A.Q. How To Convert A Speargun Into An MVD Roller Head Speargun?

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F.A.Q. How To Convert A Speargun Into An MVD Roller Head Speargun?

Each week we commonly get asked how do I complete a roller conversion onto my existing speargun? In this FAQ and video we will go through step by step what you will need to complete the process. Converting an existing speargun into a Roller speargun is not a hard process to complete, but you will require some tools and a little fabrication time. From the outset you will want to do your research to learn wether or not there is a suitable aftermarket kit available for your existing speargun. Sometimes it may be the case that there is not a conversion kit already available for your speargun, meaning that it may not be suitable for conversion. For those with a speargun that is easily convertible you will need to select a conversion kit that suits your brand of gun and suits the style of conversion you wish to make. Are you wanting to make a roller gun for improvements in your general spearfishing? Or are you wanting to make a bluewater cannon? Do you want to use bigger rubbers or smaller rubbers? These are just some of the questions you will need to first consider.

When you have decided what you wish to build you will then need to select the appropriate kit to build your new beast. We have had great success using the MVD Roller Conversions Kits and the great thing about these kits is that they are available for big and small rubber conversions and they manufacture for all the big brands such as Rob Allen, Omer, Cressi-sub, Rabitech, Beuchat, etc. 

To complete your MVD Roller Conversion you will need the following items:

Now sit back and enjoy the video we have put together on how to do the build.

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