Hollis 60lb Lift Bag

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Hollis 60lb Lift Bag

The Hollis Lift Bag is just what you need to raise or mark items and what's better is that they have been especially constructed to be solid, reliable and dependable. The Hollis Lift Bags set the standard for lift bag applications because they are constructed using high visibility orange denier for low visibility applications and are constructed from a robust heavy duty Cordura for maximum strength and wear resistance. If your lifting, you need a Hollis Lift Bag. The Hollis Lift Bag is also available in a 125lb option for larger lifting applications.


  • Lift Capacity: 27.2 kg / 60lbs.
  • Nylon used to resist tears and mildew
  • High-vis bright orange
  • Over pressure relief valve with pull dump at the base
  • Stainless steel D-ring for line attachment
  • Handle at the top of the lift bag for easy handling
  • Also available in a 125lb option for larger lifting scenarios
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