I-Dive Black Star BS30 Video Light

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I-Dive Black Star BS30 Video Light

Pushing out a massive 3000 lumens of white light covering an impressive 110 degrees this light will surely light the way for all your video and focus light needs. The I-Dive Black Star BS30 Video Light will make a great addition to your underwater camera setup being suitable for use as either a Video or as a Focus Light. What's so great about the I-Dive Black Star BS30 Light is it's flexibility for multiple uses, as it will suit both stills and video work which is convenient for the traveling diver who wants a lightweight, compact and dual purpose light. The I-Dive Black Star BS30 Light is fitted with White, Red and UV LED’s all in the one small compact unit. Furthermore, thanks to the included UV / Blue LED’s divers can now open up to a new world of fluorescence diving up with all its amazing colours, yellow filters for both camera lens and diving mask are recommended for best results.


The I-Dive Black Star BS30 Video Light uses a 110 degree smooth and even beam which means that there won't be any annoying hot spots in your images and thanks to the included Red LED beam, it will allow you to get up close and personal to provide great macro focusing without scaring skiddish fish. The I-Dive Black Star BS30 Video Light has been designed for underwater use only and has a built in shut off if the unit gets too hot, so it's best to not use/test this light for too long when your above the water line. The Black Star BS30 uses mono LED technology that provides a clear picture without the "multi-shadows" effect. To turn on, or off simply push the multi stage mode switch. With a choice of 3 LED lighting modes,  White / Red / UV, this is truly a versatile lighting tool. Push the mode switch to change the power output to 100%, 50%, 25% in White Light Mode, 100%, 50% in Red Light Mode and 100% in UV Mode. The switch also acts as a Battery Life Indicator using a coloured LED backlight.

A durable Polycarbonate body helps keep the weight down and the body strength up and thanks to the special anodized aluminium head, it also helps to dissipate the heat created from the 3000 lumens of bright light. This light has been double O-ring sealed to make sure that the water stays out and the light is supplied with a set of rechargeable lithium batteries and a universal travel charger. Mounting the Light is extremely easy with the included YS Mount in the box too, so this is a complete package ready to go if you already have an arm and base tray. If you don't already have an existing arm and tray system, then we highly recommend considering getting the Intova Slimbase Tray & 30cm Flex Arm Kit to complete your package. The Black Star BS30 can also be remotely controlled using an I-Dive Venom Remote Control Unit and the I-Dive Venom Remote Control Optical Cable which are not included.


  • Power: 3000 Lumens
  • Colour Temp: 5,000k - 10,000k
  • Beam angle: 110 Degrees
  • 8 Stage Power modes: White: 100% - 50% - 25% / Red: 100% - 50% / UV: 100% / SOS
  • Seal: Double O-ring seal
  • Depth rating: 100 m / 330 ft
  • Battery: Rechargeable 2 x Li-ion battery 3400mAh 3.7 V
  • Burn time: Approx 50 mins at 100% output
  • Dimensions: 56 mm x 123 mm
  • Weight: 262 g ( Bttery not included)
  • Included in Box: I-Dive Black Star BS30 Light, YS Mount, lanyard, 2 x Li-Ion Battery 3400mAh 3.7V, and international battery charger 110-240 Volt
  • We highly recommend using the Intova Slimbase Tray & 30cm Flex Arm Kit to complete your system

I-Dive Australia Warranty

I-Dive is proudly distributed in Australia by Innovations Australia. Any I-Dive products that are purchased from an authorised Australian dealer are covered by warranty as follows:

  • 12 Months warranty on general products.
  • Original proof of purchase within Australia is required for all Warranty submissions.


  • All Batteries have a 6 month warranty only from date of purchase as user mistreatment can severely shorten battery life.


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