Mares Tech Torpedo Float

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Mares Tech Torpedo Float

The Mares Tech Torpedo Float is from the Mares Pure Instinct range and is designed for freediving and spearfishing excursions. The Mares Tech Torpedo Float has a heavy external cover for extra protection of the bladder. In addition there are multiple attachment points which can be used to attach your spearguns and accessories. The dive flags has been designed to sit in the water for high visibility. It also has an improved traction point compared to the standard torpedo buoy which allows for smoother movement over the water making it easier to use.


  • Marker buoy external cover provides extra protection for the bladder
  • Marker buoy bladder is manufactured in PVC
  • High visibility international dive flag 
  • The buoy comes with a 20 meter line and a plastic carabineer
  • Streamlined aerodynamic shape for moving easily
  • Equipped with multiple attachment points for easy fastening of your spearguns and accessories
  • Improved traction connection point to provide smoother movement over the water
  • Length:82cm Long
  • Width: 28cm Diamter

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