MVD Trigger For Rob Allen Vector 2

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MVD Trigger For Rob Allen Vector 2

The MVD Trigger Mechanisms have been manufactured exclusively in-house by MVD using state of the art CAD/CAM/CNC technology machinery (ISO 9001) and represent maximum innovation and refinement in an easy and comfortable to use package. The exciting new range of MVD Trigger Mechanisms were primarily built to improve the power of your existing speargun. The MVD Reverse Trigger Mechanism is suitable for Rob Allen spearguns with the Vecta and Vecta 2 handles. It has been designed to directly replace the existing mechanism. The MVD Reverse Trigger Mechanism provides the added power and smoothness of an inverted trigger mechanism for your Rob Allen gun. No additional modifications are required, simply remove your old mechanism and push in the new mechanism for an instant power upgrade. The MVD Trigger Mechanisms have been manufactured with only quality components and feature solid and reliable construction with full stainless steel construction, and thanks to the inverted sear location provide an additional 7.5cm extra band stretch over the standard trigger mechanism. They are available with and without the loading butt.


  • High quality precision made mechanism, made of Inox 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Easily installed without the need for specialist tools or having to go into a dive store
  • Simply take out your old mechanism, snap the new one in, and then secure with the existing pin
  • Provides 7.5 cm linear load extension, due to back end snap in
  • Spear shaft snaps into the back end of the mechanism, allowing for further load tension
  • Provides considerable increase in initial spear shaft velocity, shooting range and piercing force
  • Up to 180 kilos continuous trigger load
  • 360 Kilos max load bench tested at MVD
  • Can easily “hold” a lot of rubber band pairs
  • "Soft” trigger feel, steady fire with high lever ratio
  • Auto line release hook included
  • MVD quality control passed
  • Accepts all popular shafts in the market
  • Also available with loading butt

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