No Shark Surf Unit With 6 Foot Leg Leash

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No Shark Surf Unit With 6 Foot Leg Leash

Small and lightweight, NoShark is the hassle free shark deterrent device that is designed with ultimate safety and versatility in mind. People often wonder how these devices work so a quick lesson in shark biology will help explain. Sharks possess a sense called electro reception that allows them to receive very small electrical signals. NoShark works by emitting a high voltage proprietary signal to deter sharks. It is a small device worn around the ankle that works for hours with just one charge.


NoShark research concluded that signal strength alone is not an effective means to deter sharks. Equally, if not more important, is the signal wave form. The NoShark device sends out an electric pulse that short circuits the gel in the shark’s nose. The NoShark device, which measures 6.73cm by 5.84cm and weighs about 200 grams, is designed to be worn around the surfers ankle and then attached to your surfboard, however the leash can also be easily removed allowing the device to also be used as a dive unit. The device has been tested on more than 40 sharks ranging from 1.82m to 3.35m (6 to 11 feet) in length. NoShark is activated by simply being submerged in salt water. It is rechargeable with an active life of approximately 4 to 6 hours continual use when submerged in water.


To use the device simply attach the NoShark unit to any limb or your gear for the ultimate in shark protection. NoShark Surf units are supplied with 1 x NoShark Surf unit, 1 x 6 foot Competition style leg leash, 1 x wall charger with multi region wall adaptors for traveling an1 x Neoprene Ankle Band (optional for users without a wetsuit). The NoShark Surf units are available in two options to suit all surfing styles: Natural or Goofy. NoShark also manufacture a NoShark Surf Unit With 9 Foot Leg Leash for surfers who would prefer a longer leash as well as aNoShark Dive Unit.


  • The device has been tested on more than 40 sharks ranging from 1.82m to 3.35m (6 to 11 feet) in length
  • This NoShark Surf unit is supplied with a 6 foot Competition style leg leash
  • Depth rated: 50 metres / 150 feet maximum
  • Dimensions: Approximately 6.73cm W x 5.84cm H x 2.92cm L / 2.65”W x 2.30”H x 1.15”L (enclosure only)
  • Weight: Approximately 198 grams / 7 oz
  • Power: Internal 3.7V Li-ion battery
  • Battery Charger: 6 VDC, 1.0 Amp wall transformer
  • Charging Time: Approximately 7 hours (new battery, varies over time)
  • Operational Time: 4-6 hours (in water)
  • Output: 120V to 200V pulsed proprietary wave form
  • Electrodes: 2 electrodes, each approximately 1” X 1” stainless steel mesh
  • Includes: 1 x No Shark Surf unit,1 x 6 foot Competition style leg leash, 1 x wall charger with multi region wall adaptors for traveling and 1 x Neoprene Ankle Band (optional for users without a wetsuit)
  • Available in 2 options to suit all surfers: Natural or Goofy
  • NoShark also manufacture aNoShark Surf Unit With 9 Foot Leg Leash for surfers who would prefer a longer leash as well as aNoShark Dive Unit

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Average Rating: 5


Cory H.

- Feb 04 2016, 08:53 AM

As a regular spearo diving in Queensland I have been very impressed with this unit. In the past without a NoShark once a fish was speared the sharks would come straight in and take our fish. It was a real battle just trying to get our catch out of the water safely. I bought a sharkshield freedom 7 and it worked great but i kept getting booted constantly anytime the electrode touched my skin. Because we spear in warm water we rarely wear a thick suit so the constant booting from the antenna just got too much for me and my buddies. I purchased a noshark a little sckeptical that it would do as good a job. How wrong i was. This thing works better than the sharkshield because of the variable timing pulse. The sharks get booted when they come in and with the random variable timing don't know when the next boot is coming so they actually stay away longer than they did with the sharkshield which gives us more time to get the fish up and onto the dory. Even better there is no long electrode hanging off me which gives me more freedom in the water and makes my freediving easier. As for the sharkshield i got rid of it on ebay. I would highly recommend this device to any diver over other products.

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