PADI Equivalent Air Depth Oxygen Exposure Table - Metric

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PADI Equivalent Air Depth Oxygen Exposure Table - Metric

The PADI Equivalent Air Depth (EAD) Oxygen Exposure Table is used on the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Course. This is a highly useful tool as it will allow divers to monitor their oxygen exposure levels when diving on enriched air or technical gases as well as calcluating the equivalent air depth for dive planning. Unfortunately many divers have become over dependent on dive computers these days, to the point that many divers do not even own a set of dive tables anymore. However, the smart and safe diver always has a backup plan, just in case. By making sure that you have a set of dive tables in your save a dive kit, you can be prepared just in case your dive computer suffers some "technical difficulties".


If you dive Nitrox then your best bet to preserve your safety is to use the PADI developed EAN dive tables. The table is set up in an easy to read format that is colour coded and easy to read. Simply follow the flow chart and you can calulate your values with ease. This is the Metric version of the table which is printed on a plastic dive slate making it highly durable and waterproof. There is also an eyelet for fitting and optional lanyard.


The PADI double sided Enriched Air Nitrox Slates for dive planning are based on the most common mixes used by divers to extend their bottom times. Please note these slates are each sold separately and will need to be added individually to your basket should you require the full set. A full set of EAN tables comprises of the following slates:


The PADI Diver training system is the largest in the world, training more divers to a higher standard than ever before. PADI's training materials are an essential part of that learning structure for all divers, here at we have the course materials you need wether you are starting as an Open Water diver or beginning the professional levels such as Divemaster or Instructor.


  • Version: Metric
  • PADI EAD Oxygen Exposure Table
  • Designed for use with the PADI Nitrox, Tec Deep Diver, Trimix Diver scuba diving courses
  • Assists divers in monitoring their oxygen exposure when diving on enriched air or technical gases
  • Can be used to calculate the equivalent air depth for dive planning
  • This great reference tool is for use by certified PADI Nitrox divers
  • Manufactured from durable plastic to provide a long working life around aquatic environments
  • Great backup plan if your dive computer suffers "Technical Difficulties"
  • Built in eyelet is designed for attachment of an optional lanyard
  • Genuine PADI accessory

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