Pelagic 5" Shark Clip With Swivel (125mm)

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Pelagic 5" Shark Clip With Swivel (125mm)

The Pelagic 5'' Shark Clip with Swivel is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel for superior rust prevention. A Shark Clip is mainly used mounted at the rear of the speargun handle and is used to clip onto speed fish stingers or plain float line rig endings depending on the spearo's personal preferences. They are also commonly used on floats as a terminal clip. The addition of the swivel helps to eliminate the potential for messy tangling or twisting of the line and rig.


  • Size: 125mm / 5"
  • Includes stainless steel swivel to eliminate messy entanglements
  • Commonly used in all spearfishing applications
  • Ideal for use when attaching float lines
  • Can be used at the base of the speargun handle for attaching a speed stringer or float rope
  • A stainless steel shark clip can hold up to twice that of your average shooting line ensuring it is never the weak point in your rig
  • Genuine Pelagic accessory

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