Pelagic 5mm Green Float Line - 30 Meters

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Pelagic 5mm Green Float Line - 30 Meters

The Pelagic Float Lines have been designed to be highly buoyant to stay afloat when rigging and stringing fish. These float lines also offer superior minimal residual stretch resistance so you can truly depend on them when it really counts. The Pelagic Float Lines are also UV treated to ensure many years of use even in demanding and harsh conditions.


The Pelagic Float Line are supplied as standard in 5 mm thickness and they have woven loops on each end for maximum strength and utilising a combination of speed and anti-abrasive properties. The Pelagic Float Lines are available in different lengths to suit every spearos hunting requirements.


  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Length: 30 Metres
  • Manufactured to be highly buoyant for demanding conditions
  • Minimal stretch ensures maximum strength and reliability
  • UV treated coating for durability and many years of reliable life 
  • Woven loops on both ends for connecting to your rigging system

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