Salvimar Goemon Knife - ACID GREEN

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Salvimar Goemon Knife - ACID GREEN

The new and highly anticipated Salvimar Goemon Knife represents a true evolution in spearfishing knives. Featuring a modern and fluid design the Goemon is manufactured from marine grade 420 stainless steel to ensure a long working life in salty conditions. The blade design includes a super sharp, dagger styled blade that makes quick and efficient work of dispatching fish and is perfect for penetration of bigger, pelagic fish.


The Goemon Knife allows use for double sided cutting with one side featuring a sharp cutting edge and the other side including an extremely aggressive, serrated cutting edge which is ideal for burly work, de-scaling fish and emergency line cutting. The handle is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced Nylon and provides a stylish, ergonomic handle which is firm and comfortable in the hand providing supreme confidence when cutting. The included Nylon sheath has a firm, secure and smooth operating design with a positive locking mechanism. It's designed to be weightbelt mounted but can also be bicep mounted with an optional Salvimar Velcro Armband.


A clever feature of the Salvimar Goemon Knife is the special integrated key lock design which is built into the handle making it ideal for prying stuck shafts from rocks. Also included in the centre of the blade is an additional key lock hole which can be used for straightening bent shafts when you're out in the water. Mounting straps are not included with the knife, however an optional Salvimar Velcro Knife Strap Holder is available to fit this knife.


  • Colour: ACID GREEN
  • Total Length: 19mm / 7.5"
  • Blade length: 95 mm / 3.75"
  • Serrated Length: 45mm / 1.75
  • Material: 420 Marine grade stainless steel
  • Blade: Very long and super sharp dagger styled blade that makes quick, efficient work of dispatching your fish
  • Edge: Double sided cutting with a sharp cutting side and a serrated cutting edge for burly work and de-scaling fish 
  • Grip: New Nylon handle is ergonomic and designed for a comfortable grip
  • Scabbard: Can be belt mounted or bicep mounted with optional Salvimar Velcro Armband
  • Sheath: Designed with a firm, secure and smooth operating sheath with a positive locking mechanism
  • Handle: Ergonomic handle in fiberglass reinforced nylon with unique Salvimar design
  • Includes a special key lock design, ideal for prying stuck shafts from rocks
  • Key lock: Additional hole can be used for straightening bent shafts
  • Mounting straps not included
  • An optional Salvimar Velcro Knife Strap Holder is available to fit this knife

Salvimar Australia Product Warranty

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4.This warranty shall be void if the equipment has been tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised by Australian Underwater Products to perform such service.

5.Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the 1 year Warranty.

6.To maintain this one year Warranty, you must show proof of purchase. If returned for service, your product should be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.

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