Salvimar Hero Railgun 125cm

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Salvimar Hero Railgun 125cm

The Salvimar Hero Railgun is an outstanding model in the premium Salvimar range. Designed with an elliptical frame made from a durable aircraft grade aluminium alloy and a Teflon drive. The barrel has been fitted with a Teflon shaft guide to provide incredible speed and power while the increased profile of the gun is intended to have better hydrostatic trim in the water, making handling easier and comfortable.


Continuing on from the highly successful Voodoo, the Hero railgun is a higher spec gun designed for intermediate to advanced spearos who plan on taking on a variety of species and sizes. This exceptional railgun has been manufactured from a special aeronautical aluminium alloy with a strong, one piece aluminium barrel that has a continuous Teflon moulded rail.


The barrel has been filled with a high density foam for impressive buoyancy and creates a railgun that provides exceptional performance and superior shaft accuracy. The barrel is protected by a special black anodised finish, which combined with the shoulders of the integrated rail provides additional strength.


The Salvimar Hero Railgun is supplied with the Salvimar Pacific 7.5 mm 17.4ph hardened shaft with a rest tab and three unique shark fin loading tabs, and a heavy duty 85 mm flopper. These multiple loading notches allow for two 16 mm rubbers and a reel setup which is integrated onto the base of the handle making this a truly deadly speargun.


The trigger mechanism features a stainless steel reverse style mechanism for 10 cm of extra length on the barrel size and the trigger run has a micro mechanical screw adjustment so you can customise the trigger pulling power to suit your personal shooting style. The handle consists of a heavy metal 350 stainless steel trigger mechanism producing a muzzle load of 350 kg. The handle features a comfortable rubberised ergonomic grip, safety lock and the stainless steel dynamic line release can be positioned on the right or left to suit your individual preferences. The sternal support can be easily removed, even in the water.


The muzzle has the advantage of being able to be switched from Open to Closed Muzzle to suit your preferences and allows for much faster and easier reloading times which is ideal for competitive spearos. The muzzle itself is designed specifically to ensure that the multiple rubbers avoid crossing each other and don't hamper power on shaft release.


One of the greatest features of this railgun is the superior handle design which fits directly into your hand like no other gun on the market. The handle has been manufactured deliberately to ensure a lowered position of the butt to maintain a clear line of sight down the barrel for the spearo and provides superior aiming to other similar styled guns on the market. The Salvimar Hero Railgun is supplied with a reel mount and the Salvimar Horizontal Reel as standard - line for the reel is not included.


  • Built specifically for the serious spearo who wants nothing but the best
  • Unique elliptical frame provides an increased profile, designed for optimal hydrostatic position
  • Ideal for targeting a variety of different species from smaller to larger pelagic sizes
  • Barrel: Manufactured from special aeronautical aluminium alloy with superior mechanical performance
  • Design: Barrel includes an integrated continuous molded Teflon rail into the aluminium which provides superior shaft speed and accuracy
  • Mechanism: Features a stainless steel reverse style mechanism for 10 cm of extra length on barrel size
  • Trigger: Heavy Metal 350 trigger mechanism provides smooth and easy trigger pulling power
  • Adjustment: Trigger has a micro mechanical screw adjustment to customise trigger pulling power to suit personal shooting style
  • Handle: Comfortable rubberised ergonomic grip with safety lock
  • Rated: Incredible 350 kg muzzle load rated
  • Line Release: Stainless steel dynamic line release which can be can be positioned on the right or left side
  • Comfort: Superior handle design fits in your hand like no other gun on the market
  • Design: The handle provides a lowered position of the butt to maintain a clear line of sight down the barrel for the spearo
  • Muzzle: Twin rubber muzzle with option of Open or Closed muzzle setup to make rigging easier for your individual preferences
  • Optional Muzzle: Design allows for faster and easier reloading times, ideal for competitive spearos
  • Design: Designed specifically to ensure that the multiple rubbers avoid crossing each other and don't hamper power on shaft release
  • Shaft Thickness: 7.5 mm
  • Shaft: 17.4ph Stainless steel Pacific finned shaft with three shark fin tabs and a loading rest tab for loading multiple rubbers and different power options
  • Flopper: 85 mm Stainless steel flopper for maximum holding power
  • Rubber: Twin 16 mm Circular power bands
  • Wishbone: Dyneema wishbone bridles with Brass Beads, designed for safer and easier loading
  • Butt: The sternal support can be easily removed, even in the water
  • Rigging: Reinforced steel lanyard handle hook on the base of the gun for attaching your float line
  • Reel: Supplied with a built in reel mount and the Salvimar Horizontal Reel as standard - line for reel is NOT included
  • Includes: Salvimar speargun instruction manual
  • Available in 4 sizes: 95 cm / 105 cm / 115 cm / 125 cm

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4.This warranty shall be void if the equipment has been tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised by Australian Underwater Products to perform such service.

5.Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the 1 year Warranty.

6.To maintain this one year Warranty, you must show proof of purchase. If returned for service, your product should be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.



Average Rating: 5


Andre K.

- Sep 25 2019, 15:39 PM

An excellent powerful gun, made with high quality. Fits very nicely in the hand and has incredible accuracy. The price is good and i was very satisfied with the speed of delivery. I would definitely recommend.

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