Salvimar Krypsis 3.5mm Wetsuit

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Salvimar Krypsis 3.5mm Wetsuit

Meet diving’s first true 3 dimensional camo pattern that makes you virtually disappear in almost all ocean reefs - wether temperate or tropical. The clever Salvimar Krypsis now has you covered. In fact, this wetsuit camo pattern is so good that it can really help to give you the extra edge you need when ambush hunting species that are particularly elusive and difficult to spear.


Manufactured from a quality, high density Open Cell neoprene called Q-Foam; Krypsis is available in either 3.5 mm and 5.5mm thicknesses. This open cell material gives the ultimate combination of warmth, comfort and flexibility. The wetsuit features a two piece design with a hooded jacket with beaver tail and high waisted trouser pants that are easy to get on and make it a very comfortable suit to dive in. Salvimar certainly knew what they wanted to achieve with this suit when they designed it and they have definitely hit the mark.


The unique Krypsis camouflage design provides many great advantages to the passionate hunter which results in more fish more often. The suit uses a multitude of different camo patterns that is actually quite distracting to the eyes. This is achieved thanks to the clever use of breaking up the camo pattern into panels. Some of the panels are in focus whilst some of the panel sections appear out of focus. This makes the Krypsis camouflage highly effective, improving the spearos ability to blend in with their hunting environment and is cleverly designed to work in both tropical and temperate reefs.


For maximum protection and durability, the chest and knees of the suit have a unique and highly protective material called Puff Gum covering them. This heavy duty, strong rubber material Puff Gum provides reinforced protection to high wear areas for improved durability and extending the suits life. The chest loading pad on the jacket receives extra attention with an extra thick loading pad to give more comfort when loading as well as external Puff Gum protection for maximum durability.


Salvimar have chosen to use their impressive Q-Foam neoprene to provide excellent elasticity for a better fit and maximum warmth with minimal water entry and movement. The seams feature double GBS cross seams for maximum strength and sealing protection from cold water. All seals on the suit use CRSS (Camo Round Seal System) external trim on wrists, ankles, face and waist for warmth. The Salvimar Krypsis Wetsuit has been designed with a special pre-formed neoprene ergo fit cut for maximum comfort to the diver at all times. The Krypsis is available in 5 sizes: Small / Medium / Large / X-Large / XX-Large.


  •  Thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Neoprene: High quality, high density Open Cell neoprene called Q-Foam
  • Internal: Flexible Q-Foam Open Cell neoprene interior
  • External: Ultra elastic Salvimar Krypsis Camouflage exterior
  • Advantage: Ultra elastic lining and Neoprene Q-Foam provides excellent comfort, warmth, flexibility and easy wear ability
  • Seams: Double GBS cross seam for maximum strength and sealing protection from cold water
  • Seals: CRSS (Camo Round Seal System) external trim on wrists, ankles, face and waist
  • Style: Two piece wetsuit, jacket with hood and high waisted trousers
  • Closure: Adjustable beaver tail closure system with double buttons prevents the jacket from riding up and moving when diving
  • Camo: Salvimar Krypsis camouflage is highly effective and improves the spearos ability to blend in with their hunting environment
  • Design: Special camouflage system has been cleverly designed to work over a range of different reefs both tropical and temperate
  • Protection: High wear areas on torso and knees are reinforced with a heavy duty, strong rubber material called Puff Gum
  • Loading Pad: Jacket has extra thick loading pad to give more comfort when loading and external Puff Gum protection for durability
  • Reinforcement: Strong Puff Gum reinforcements on knees and chest loading pad for improved durability and maximum life
  • Cut: Preformed ergonomic fit cut neoprene for maximum comfort to the spearo at all times
  • Available in 5 sizes: Small / Medium / Large / X-Large / XX-Large

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