SharkTec Shark Repellent Spray

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SharkTec Shark Repellent Spray

SharkTec have manufactured the first proven aerosol used to deter sharks. The aerosol is made from petrified shark tissue that has been proven to deter sharks. To use SharkTec you simply pull the pin, submerge the entire can underwater, point the can away from your body and hold down the trigger until the entire contents is released, approximately 30 seconds.


When SharkTec is released, a cloud of repellent is released into the water which is quickly identified by the sharks sensitive smell and signals potential danger to the sharks that a predator could be nearby. This creates a temporary safety zone and allows users to proceed to exit the water. This highly affective repellent has been Federally funded and backed by years ofresearch and testing which has been published by industry leading scientists from Shark Defense.


The science behind this repellent is rather interesting too, as when sharks die, they have a natural defense mechanism that allows them to emit a signal to warn of a potential threat in the area. As SharkTec uses petrified shark, the smell of SharkTec is comparable to a rotting shark. When a shark smells a decaying shark, they naturally avoid that area for fear of danger. Using Semiochemicals derived from decomposed sharks, SharkTec is able to offer a natural solution which triggers an immediate reaction in sharks.


Keeping a can of SharkTec with you when you're in the water provides true peace of mind and this product can be used for spearfishing, freediving, snorkelling, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking and boating. In fact many fisherman also prefer to have it with them in their boat when the sharks move in so they can safely land their catch. In addition to being an excellent and economical shark deterrent that really works, SharkTec is also a 100% natural, non pollutant, bio-degradable repellent which is completely environmentally safe and does not repel fish or dolphins.


  • Extremely effective in repelling various species of sharks
  • Sharks avoid human interaction when SharkTec is dispersed with sharks 
  • SharkTec is a 100% natural, non pollutant, biodegradable repellent which is environmentally safe
  • The repellent is 75ml of a proprietary Semiochemical composite of Lamniform and Carcarhiniform and the propellant contains dry Nitrogen (150psig/10atm)
  • Eco friendly and does not repel fish or dolphins and does not harm sharks
  • Created to give the user peace of mind if encountered by sharks 
  • Federally funded and backed by years ofresearch and testing which has been published by industry leading scientists from Shark Defense
  • SharkTec is a composite of extracts from putrefied shark tissues
  • When released, the resulting cloud of repellent sends a danger signal to sharks in the area that a predator could be nearby
  • SharkTec creates a temporary safety zone and allows humans to proceed to exit the water
  • Ideal for spearfishing, freediving, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking and boating
  • The can is an aluminum one piece, DOT 2P with a white enamel coating
  • According to TSA restrictions you are allowed to carry 4 cans of SharkTec on checked luggage
  • Dimensions: 13 cm height x 3.8 cm wide which fits easily in the palm of your hand
  • You can easily attach a strap and put it on your wrist, wetsuit, gearbag, BCD, or anywhere else
  • Each SharkTec can is sold separately 
  • Net weight: 56 grams / 2 oz

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