Spare Air 3.0 CF Kit

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Spare Air 3.0 CF Kit

The Submersible Pressure Systems Spare Air is one of the most unique and important pieces of equipment to come to the market in a long time. Not only is it the the perfect piece of gear for the safety minded diver but it is also billed as the smallest, most compact redundant emergency air system available today. The Spare Air has been giving divers that added little bit of safety margin, comfort and protection for over 30 years.


The Spare Air is a versatile safety system that combines a common demand style regulator with a small aluminum cylinder that allows the divers that extra air needed to handle an unexpected out of air situation during a dive. The Spare Air is available in a number of different options including Air and Nitrox models to suit different applications. Further more divers can choose the size of their Spare Air bottles to suit the individual applications that you need. The small bottle size is a 1.7 cubic foot and the larger more popular size is the 3.0 cubic feet model. All styles are designed to be easily and securely attached to the diver’s equipment with the Deluxe Holster and Safety Leash that is included in each of the kits.


Offering approximately 57 average breaths at the surface, the 3.0 cubic foot version is enough air for scuba divers to safely ascend from 30 meters at a safe speed. The Spare Air's best use however comes from being a small handy unit that is perfect for allowing the scuba diver to solve an out of air or air interruption situation underwater without having to risk making an emergency ascent. The Spare Air can also be easily passed off to a diver in an emergency or distress situation to help them get a few reliable breaths of air while they have time to calm down and assess the situation. The Spare Air can also allow the owner the air it takes to safely get to their buddy and comfortably help them out too.

The Spare Air is always ready for use and is easily refilled by using the included Yoke Refill Adapter right off the divers own tank. Simply unscrew the protective cap and install the yoke adapter. It’s as easy as that. The Spare Air doesn't require complicated instructions to use and because it's a completely redundant back up miniature Scuba system its faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus regulator to use in an emergency situation.


  • Spare Air is the answer for out of air emergencies
  • Provides additional peace of mind and comfort when using unfamiliar rental equipment on holidays
  • Spare Air is easier to use than an octopus regulator
  • Light weight design and compact in size, unit is less than 1 kilogram in weight
  • Great idea for the traveling diver
  • Deluxe Spare Air Holster allows for multiple mounting possibilities
  • Safety Leash prevents accidental loss of the unit and keeps the unit close even if dropped accidentally 
  • Spare Air is designed to be easily passed off to your buddy in an emergency situation
  • To use, simply put the Spare Air in your mouth and breathe
  • Available in multiple sizes and configurations
  • 1.7 CF / 0.04 cubic metres = 30 Breaths at the surface
  • 3.0 CF / 0.08 cubic metres = 57 Breaths at the surface
  • 3.0 CF Nitrox is Nitrox ready out of the box up to 40% EAN for certified EAN divers
  • Fill Pressure: 200 BAR / 3000 PSI
  • Weight: 0.985 KG / 2.17 lb (Full)
  • Includes: Spare Air Unit, Aluminum Scuba Bottle, Yoke Scuba Refill Adapter, Safety Leash, Deluxe Holster and an attractive gift box

Spare Air Australia Warranty


Manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser of this product, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, that the product is free from defects in workmanship and materials. In the event the original purchaser contact Spare Air Customer Service or the importer in the country where the product was purchased for troubleshooting advice. The local authorised Dealer can also assist with certain product servicing. If it is determined that the product requires servicing, a return authorisation number will be issued.


In the event of a product defect, Manufacturer will in its sole discretion, repair or replace this product free of charge, provided the complete defective product is returned, at the sender's risk, which one (1) year of its purchase date, to the applicable address below, accompanied by: (a) a return authorisation number, (b) a letter describing the defect, (c) the purchaser's return address (no PO boxes are permitted) and daytime telephone number, and (d) a copy of the original purchase receipt or proof of purchase with the purchase date of the product. Additionally, Manufacturer's obligation to repair or replace a product hereunder is subject to the condition that Manufacturer is able to confirm the defect and replicate it. If the product was purchased in Australia, it should be returned to eScuba Pty Ltd, Level 13 Citigroup, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. If the product was purchased outside of Australia, it should be returned to the importer of the product in the territory in which it was purchased. 

Excluded from this warranty are damages caused by abuse, misuse, wear, tear, cosmetic damages, water damage cause by damaged O-ring or removed O-rings or debris trapped between the product housing and the O-ring, repair or attempted repair by unauthorised persons, improper storage, non-performance of scheduled maintenance, battery leakage or software programs. Possible compulsory legal warranty rights of purchaser towards distributor under national law are not affected by this warranty statement.


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