Tovatec Universal Hand Strap

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Tovatec Universal Hand Strap

The Tovatec Universal Hand Strap is designed to work with a number of different LED dive lights that have a 2" diameter. In the Tovatec range, specifically it will fit the following models: Fusion 1000/530/260 lights, Sports Tac, Compact, Ultra III, IFL WA Zoom-R, IFL660-R, or any other lights up to 2” diameter. It has been designed to you can simply slide your dive torch into the handle, slide your hand into the strap assembly, adjust the Velcro to the desired position and away you go. The major advantage of these types of hand straps is that they allow your hands to be completely free for other tasks yet still have total control over the light in the same way as if you were actually holding the light. They are keenly sought out by cave, wreck and tec divers who need their hands free when using reels for penetrating.


The Tovatec Univeral Hand Strap comes in a stylish modern design and the sizing is fully adjustable, so that one size will fit all hand sizes. The Tovatec Universal Hand Strap is manufactured from soft neoprene with a Velcro strap that securely attaches around the torch for full hands free use of the flashlight.Please note this item is for the Universal Hand Strap Only and it does not include the light or the lanyard.


  • Design: Fits Torches with a diameter up to 2"
  • Size: Strap is fully adjustable, so one size fits all hand sizes
  • Soft Velcro strap securely attaches torches for hands free use of flashlight
  • Highly popular with cave, wreck and tec divers
  • Allows your hands to be free when using reels for penetrating whilst still having control of the light
  • Compatible with Tovatec models: Fusion 1000/530/260 lights, Sports Tac, Compact, Ultra III, IFL WA Zoom-R, IFL660-R
  • Also compatibile with lights with up to 2” diameter
  • Please note item is for the Universal Hand Strap Only and does not include the light or a lanyard

Tovatec Australia Warranty

Tovatec is proudly distributed in Australia by Innovations Australia. Any Tovatec products that are purchased from an authorised Australian dealer are covered by warranty as follows:

  • 12 Months warranty on general products.
  • Original proof of purchase within Australia is required for all Warranty submissions.



  • All Batteries have a 6 month warranty only from date of purchase as user mistreatment can severely shorten battery life.
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