Zeagle Transfiller / Yoke For Razor Reg

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Zeagle Transfiller / Yoke For Razor Reg

The Zeagle Transfiller in Yoke can be used to transfer air from a standard Yoke style scuba tank valve to any cylinder installed with a Zeagle Razor First Stage Regulator. The Zeagle Transfiller has a Yoke fitting on one end and a stainless steel quick disconnect coupling on the other end. The QD style fitting on the Zeagle Transfiller also fits most paintball gun storage bottles commonly used today.


The Zeagle Transfiller is manufactured from marine grade brass and is rated to 200 BAR / 3,000 PSI. The Zeagle Transfiller is not recommended for Zeagle Razors mounted in tanks larger than 10 cu ft, because the weight of larger cylinders can easily damage the Transfiller during use if not carefully supported.


  • Rated: HP Fitting rated to 200 BAR / 3,000 PSI
  • Material: Chrome plated marine grade brass
  • Purpose: Designed to fit the Zeagle Razor First Stage Regulator
  • Connection: Quick disconnect style coupling

Filling Operation:

  • The collar on the QD fitting is pulled back to allow the Transfiller to be coupled to the Filling Probe on the Razor First Stage Valve.
  • When the collar is released, the QD fitting will firmly hold and seal the filling connection.
  • Before filling, make sure that the knurled bleed collar is closed by turning it fully in either direction.
  • To fill, the scuba tank valve is opened.
  • The air pressure in the scuba tank must be greater than the pressure in the Razor tank to complete a fill.
  • The greater pressure in the scuba tank will open the check valve in the Razor and air will begin flowing into the Razor tank.
  • When the sound of moving air stops, the scuba tank valve is shut down and the bleed collar on the Transfiller is turned.
  • This will allow air pressure to escape from the Transfiller.
  • It can then be removed from the QD fitting on the Razor.
  • The waterproof cap is then replaced on the probe of the Razor QD fitting.

Zeagle Australia Product Warranty

Australian Underwater Products offers product warranty for all Zeagle product purchased in Australia from an Authorised Dealer. If you purchase your product outside of Australia, it will not be covered by warranty in Australia and a service charge will be levied if warranty or normal service is required. You can alternatively return it to the original point of purchase for service. 

Hardware Warranty Period

All Zeagle Hardware, comprising Regulators, Octopus Regulators (Octo's), Buoyancy Compensators (BC's), Wings, Personal Dive Computers(PDC’s) and Analogue Gauges, when purchased from an Authorised Australian Dealer, are provided with a 1 year Warranty. This 1 year warranty will cover against any defects in materials, workmanship and performance to product specifications. For specific product warranty details, please refer to what the Warranty actually covers.

Software and Warm Wear Warranty Period

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Software and Warm Wear Warranty Conditions

1.Warranty coverage for the above mentioned products will only apply to products accompanied by proof of purchase from an Authorised Australian Dealer.

2.The product must only be used as intended for normal recreational purposes.

3.The product warranty does not cover loss, or damage due to accident, abuse, tampering, lack of maintenance, exposure to excessive temperature, extended sunlight or deteriorating chemicals.

4.This warranty shall be void if the equipment has been tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised by Zeagle Australia to perform such service.

5.Normal wear and tear as determined by age and usage is excluded from the 1 year Warranty.

6.To maintain this one year Warranty, you must show proof of purchase. If returned for service, your product should be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.


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